Receiver tank to dryer and running to plant piping known as PPCH FR Pneumatic Pipes & Fitting;

Effulent Transfer Pipelines

Diamond company's cooling water pipelines as well as Air Piping

chilled Water Pipelines without using Insulation Sheet cover on

Handling Turnkey projects which includes supply, fabrication and Metal supporting to New Product Thermal FR Pipes & Fittings

Cooling tower to Nick Pipelines

Convert CS Piping to our Thermal FR Piping of one of project piping; it's working properly as per end user suggestion; After somedays; they will replace all line with our MOC piping;Great achievement !!

Replaced MSRL (Metal pipe having Rubber Lining) with our Thermal FR (Inbuilt Glass Fibre Reinforced) composite pipes & fittings

Aesthetic view of Thermal PPRC Piping by giving proper support done by Phoenix; :- Cooling Water Pipelines

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